When Democrats Are in Charge of Government Good Things Happen

National Memo: How did California go from a projected $26 billion budget deficit to projected surpluses? …. what changed since Jerry Brown was elected in 2010? …. he was able to push through painful cuts that forced Californians to take the budget seriously. But what helped him most was the state’s demographics and shift toward the Democratic Party.

….. the state went for President Obama by a margin of about 10 percent and elected a supermajority of Democrats to the state legislature. Also on the ballot in November were ballot propositions designed to secure more revenue. One temporarily increased income taxes on high earners while temporarily increasing the state sales tax for all Californians to fund education…. Voters said yes to higher taxes.

Just a few months later, Brown announced that for the first time in about a decade, a governor of California was presenting a balanced budget….

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