Harrisburg One Hundred Day Rally

Last night, the annual Correspondence Dinner was held in DC. I’ve always enjoyed watching this event because humor is not only a big part of my life but I’ve always judged people by their give and take.
Of course, Donald wasn’t there. Had he been there, he would have been subject to some “humor” that he might not have appreciated.
Instead, Donald had a 100 Day Rally in Harrisburg, PA where once again a throng of followers adorned him with adulation. I’m sure it was the greatest rally ever held in the history of the world! But here’s what’s disquieting to me. When I see these crowds, I’m concerned about what will happen should he ever do something. I refuse to even credit him with a Supreme Court Justice, that was entirely Mitch McConnell’s chicanery! What will happen should he actually do something? He could tip the scales of plurality, not just the Electoral College. Then, those adulation crowds could grow. Then, truly the Constitution and all of America is at risk.
What are you going to do?

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