Democratic Inquiry OMG Week 1

lease read President Obama’s final farewell email. It has a link to keep getting email updates from him.

Dubbed the anti-inauguration, the Women’s March On Washington was the most successful demonstration since the VietNam war, organized in a short time on the basis of a FaceBook post. The anti-war demonstrations took months of planning and coordination between multiple groups.

The event drew a downtown Wooster crowd estimated at 500 (Daily Record) to 800, 900, 960 (others who were counting.)

Emails were collected, and I am talking with organizers about combining lists. If  you want to opt out of that, or have ideas for moving forward, let me know! The Trump agenda should be addressed on multiple fronts in multiple ways, consistently by everyone on a local, statewide, and national basis.

So the POTUS gives a speech with multiple lies in it. Here is the annotated version.  Minutes after the swearing in, NY Times Opinion Pages headlines: “Donald The Unready”;” How the Women’s March Could Resurrect The Democrats”; “Obama Shouldn’t Go Quietly”; “The Internal Invasion” (Containing Trump); “Can President Trump Be Presidential?”. Keeping in mind only 3 papers supported Trump, and they had financial ties to him.

Trump’s first hour actions: drop all civil rights and climate change from the WH issues webpage. An authoritarian Executive Order telling administrators not to enforce laws, if they subjectively feel the law is somehow “burdensome.” And there goes the rule of law. A WH Press Announcement lying about the Friday and Satuday crowds.

To suppement that, the House passed a bill to  “effectively repeal future standard setting under every important environmental, public health, consumer protection, labor standards, occupational safety and civil rights law on the books.” Then they devalued public land and discounted their revenue in the budget so they could sell them off.

Trump promised to resign, but hasn’t yet.  That opens him to violating the emoluments clause in multiple ways, and the filing of a lawsuit today. Its an impeachable offense. So are his overseas operations. It’s even giving John Dean nightmares.

A New York Times writer had a good review of the NYT decision-making process to not run with a story again, this time the documents accusing Trump of being a Putin puppet, subject to blackmail. Newseek went into detail about the Trump-Russia history. Meanwhile the FBI is and has been actively investigating the Trump associates’ Russian connections. Just don’t ask Comey about it in a public forum since it has nothing to do with Hillary.

So far two of his appointments have been approved by the Senate, out of the 650 that need approval, many not bothering to fill out the required Ethics form, most slots without even having an appointee. Including the Nuclear Regulatory commission.

Among the basket of deplorables dedicated to the the destruction of democratic institutions that Trump has appointed…

The Justice Dept cleared his son in law to be an advisor. The Best and the Brightest may have the best degree daddy can buy with a donation to Harvard, explaining why qualified applicants get bumped.

DeVos was raked over the coals by multiple Democratic Senators for not having a clue about public education, education issues, and buying a Cabinet seat. She is dangerous for wanting an unaccountable for profit public funded Christian theology school system.

The EPA pick raised more money than most. Another seat for sale in the whitest male dominated cabinet since Reagan.

Stateside  Ohio:
Sherrod Brown has a weekly newsletter to sign up for, and you can pick which issues you want to stay up to date on. Plus a NE Ohio Quarterly Regional Newsletter.
Catch his response to a republican Senator telling a Democratic Senator to “lighten up” during the hearings.

Part of the democratic action of speaking out against injustice and inequality is also running for local office. Deadlines are fast approaching, so if you want to make a front line difference by acting locally, contact me.

Stay informed and network: Great Decisions kicks off soon. Wooster’s Science Cafe is in full swing. Check out SPLC’s 10 Ways To Fight Hate

Jim Renacci had commercials running during the inauguraiton as he cranks up his run for governor of Ohio. He’ll have to deal with the continuing toxic commercial fertilizer toxic farm runoff in Ohio that’s choking Lake Erie, killing it and everything related to fishing, transportation, and recreation. Especially as his friend Trump decimates EPA regulation that control it.

“Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.” Katie Rich of SNL was suspended after the uproad for this tweet.  Not much about Our Sunday Visitor telling people to knock it off about the Obama children, or Rush Limbaugh continuously going after Chelsea or Amy Carter. Just republican kids are out of bounds? Google Obama kids adopted, kidnapped, etc. for the rwnj reality check.

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