Democratic Inquiry MLK 2017

Democratic Inquiry MLK 2017

I attended a discussion at Lowry Center today with the most diverse group I’ve seen in Wooster, sharing their perspectives on social justice to mark Martin Luther King Day. The Martin Luther King Ceremony at the Presbyterian Church on Bowman. Dinner is at 5, and the ceremony begins at 7. Show your support for King, the local NAACP, and Civil Rights! The food is always good, the choir sounds great (and Shades of Gold from the College of Wooster sound so professional!) the speeches inspirational.

Hope you didn’t miss Obama’s Farewell Address.(text) It wasn’t the length that was impressive (compared to Bush’s last 15 minutes of infamy), it was the great content, and I think one of his top speeches.

Plunderbund, a blog written by a retired Akron Beacon Journal reporter, brought up Indivisible in time for the inauguration for those who might want maybe to rebel.  Again, here is Indivisible, the document for opposition to the Trump misadministration, written by Congressional staffers. It’s not just Trump, it’s now the whole GOP, aka the RINO Party. Plans for the anti-inaugration are well underway, and you should think about how you’re spending the next four years. Bill Moyers says you should plan your trump resistance plan before it’s to late. See the last entry in this email about the local gathering on the square.

Christopher Steele is a former MI6 agent and author of the document (highlighted) floating around the highest levels. He has worked for the FBI and CIA, who consider him a credible source.  He was hired by republicans to do opposition research on Trump, then the Democrats. The former agent was frustrated that the FBI sat on his file for months. McCain had a copy which he turned over to the others in the Gang of 8, eventually reaching scandal proportions. Considering the media failures of this last year, hopefully they won’t let this go.


On Saturday, January 21st, women of Wooster and Wayne County will stand together at the gazebo in Wooster. We will stand in solidarity with our spouses, our partners, our children, our friends and our families to honor and to express our intentions to support women’s rights as citizens. We will stand to protect our safety, our health and our dignity. Join us at the Wooster gazebo on the public square at 1:00 PM on the 21st as we express our solidarity with the many who march in our nation’s capital that day. Please spread the word and come out with us.

The next Wayne County Democratic Party meeting will be at 7pn on February 1st at Lamplighters. We will be voting on a new Board of Elections member. The candidates are myself (Jim Bird), Bill Bailey, and Susanne Walden.

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