Democratic Inquiry – January 2017

The Wayne County Democratic Party met on Wednesday, Jan. 4, at Lamplighters on 1007 Rebecca Street.

Gail Woosley has retired as Party Secretary, and is being replaced by Gail Carter.

Jean Mohr is retiring from her illustrious tenure on the Board of Elections. An election will be held during the February meeting to replace her. Interested candidates to date are Bill Bailey and Jim Bird.

What can you say about the election? Man who slept through 2016 finds out what he missed pretty much describes the year, a la Monty Python..Any analysis of the election focus is upon why Hillary lost, not why Trump won. Self-flagellation was apparent. Mis-defining our interests did too. The media certainly had a role. The WSJ will not say trump lies, but the Post begs to differ, call a lie a lie.

The good news is that the US is becoming more liberal as independents and conservatives shift over. The trend is not good for conservatives in the long run. Obama with a 55% approval rating could have beaten trump.

Trump starts out without a mandate, down almost 3 million in the popular vote, a record loss. Eight of us met with Sherrod’s brother Charlie Brown last week in Ashland, and he said the Trump appointees will face a high level of scrutiny and opposition, beginning yesterday. Congressional resistance begins now to everything Trumpian.

Congressional staffers wrote a piece for the New York Times: To Stop Trump, Democrats Need To Learn From The Tea PartyINDIVISIBLE is a guide to Trump and republican resistance, and is now required reading. Historically, this comes from what the Tea Party did, which borrowed directly from Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals. Remember when Republicans accused her of being Alinsky’s friend, not bothering to mention that her thesis was the antithesis of Alinsky, saying that change comes from within. Any good Buddhist could tell you that.

The bottom line on Indivisible is that we resist on every front, through phone calls, showing up locally when Renacci or Portman or Kasich or our local reps makes an appearance and letting them know how we feel and that we vote. High levels of local action putting pressure on local representatives who value their re-election.

CBS has a great video of Trump edging into ethics violation (which trump says can’t exist for the president.) While he hasn’t committed treason via aiding/trading with someone we are openly hostile to (i.e. at war with) with the intent to commit treason, high crimes and misdemeanors is a much broader category for impeachment.

Obamacare’s biggest threat is from the budget reconciliation process, which needs only a 51% approval to pass. Here’s a guide to how that could work

Putin is another player with a long game. As one of his pieces now includes Trump, we need to be aware.

Here’s a reminder of what Democrats work towards: Joseph Stiglitz on fixing inequality.

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