Democratic Inquiry – Debate & More

Democratic Inquiry – Debate & More
  • Join the Debate Watch Party tonight at JAFB on the corner of Beall and Liberty in Wooster, as the Democrats take over the place. Bring your own munchies. Bloomberg is doing live fact checking. Along with every Democrat watching. (There was an email incorrectly stating it was at HQ)
  • Found: one pair of sunglasses, found on the driveway the day we met to confirm David as a candidate for Commissioner.
  • Rumor (not many sources are higher than this) has it the cast of Orange Is The New Black will be making their way to the College of Wooster in the very near future.
  • Lyn Shoots is coordinating National Voter Registration Day which is tomorrow (Tuesday the 27th)  We will be downtown Wooster at the Square and near the Dems HQ from 8-5. Contact Lyn Shoots <>
  • Forwarded from our friend in Holmes County, Chair Michael Jaeb. He makes “Simple Syrups” for Local Roots, and John Estill is active in both too.

From Michael:

The PLAIN TALK PROJECT needs ten individuals/teams to distribute 200 fliers each throughout Holmes and Wayne Counties between Oct.5 and October 25.

Some background info: we (I and three anti-Trump relatives) became aware of the Amish PAC who is enlisting the Amish vote for Trump in OH and PA, two swing states. We began strategizing in August. Our plan is distribute fliers, send letters to Amish Bishops, and have ads running. The Trump ads in OH and PA papers are headed “PLAIN VOTER PROJECT”; we counter with the choice of PLAIN TALK PROJECT.

To date, our ad appeared in the Bargain Hunter, Sept. 17, p.10. It will continue in each edition of the BH until election. It also appears this week in four small papers by Engle Publishing in Lancaster County, PA. We’re trying to get it published in Lancaster Farming.

Next week we will send two fliers and a cover letter to 263 Amish Bishops in Holmes County and vicinity, as printed in the Ohio Amish Directory (available at the Gospel Book Store, Berlin)

If you are able to help distribute fliers, please call Graciella and John Estill at 330-674-1607 by Sept. 28. If you are able to recruit a friend, please do! You will pick up a packet of 200 fliers and instructions at Estill’s home on 334 Black Bird Alley, M’burg on Oct. 5or 6 at your convenience.  If, for any reason you are unable to distribute the fliers by October 25, please return them. They will be assigned to another volunteer.

Specific instructions will include a general geographic area, such as M’burg, Berlin, Mt. Hope etc. Our suggestion is to place them under windshield wipers, on buggy seats where large numbers gather, I.e., shopping areas, restaurants, flea market, auction sites, perhaps church parking lots, wherever there is a lot of traffic. Of course you can cover the same locations several times.

Thank you in advance for your help. Right now the polls indicate a grim outlook. But whatever we can do to get the facts out and stop Trump votes, we will!

Thanks for your help!
Millicent Agnor

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