ODP Chairman David Pepper Announces “Main Street Initiative”

ODP Chairman David Pepper Announces “Main Street Initiative”

COLUMBUS– Last night, at a meeting with county party chairs from across the state, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper announced the Party’s plan to make early investments in local races throughout Ohio in 2015.

The Main Street Initiative will be laser focused on providing direct support to local candidates and staff, including financial investments to targeted races, messaging, voter contact, and fundraising trainings, and access to cutting edge technology and data, among other things.

To jump start the important investment in this strategy, David …

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Toledo Blade Editorial: Don’t suppress the vote

Toledo Blade Editorial: Don’t suppress the vote

As soon as today, the Republican-controlled state House will start voting on its latest effort to suppress the votes of substantial numbers of Ohioans. A package of bills before the House would make it harder to vote among citizens whom GOP politicians would rather keep away from the polls.

Proposed measures, in various stages of legislative approval, would reduce Ohio’s 35-day period of early voting before primary and general elections by at least a week, and possibly by more than half. One bill would eliminate the …

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Cuts Hurt Ohio

A total of 2.8 Billion dollars has been cut from Ohio communities. Review a county-by-county breakdown of the cuts and how it is affecting your area of Ohio.


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So-Called “Liberal Media” Allows Romney Lie on Early Voting to Fester

Mitt Romney is attacking the Obama campaign for suing the state of Ohio for restore right to vote early, as was the case in the 2008 election.

The Romney campaign is arguing that the Obama camp is actually trying to limit military voting. And his supporters are eating the claim up on Facebook, where Romney posted the claim. But as the day goes by even rightwing commentators seem to be realizing that this is simply a lie.

The whole episode is tailor made to expose how corrupted …

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Mandel Shorting U.S. Treasury Bonds, Would Profit From Government Default

Another Republican betting against America:

The Republican nominee in Ohio’s Senate race stands to reap a significant financial windfall if the government defaults by not raising the debt ceiling, a move he opposed last year and has indicated he would vote against if elected to the Senate.

According to personal financial disclosure documents examined by ThinkProgress, Josh Mandel’s wife owns an undisclosed amount of ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury exchange-traded fund (ETF). This ETF aggressively “shorts” U.S. Treasury bills, meaning that it bets against U.S. debt and …

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Ohio Was Doing Better Before Kasich

From Plunderbund

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics’ CES survey (a survey of employers) here’s how many jobs Ohio has created in the eleven months since Kasich took office on Jan. 10, 2011 versus the last eleven months under Strickland (Feb. 2010-Jan. 2011):

Net Jobs Created





The 3k jobs lost in December sent Kasich’s job creation total under the 40k figure he had been touting since Issue 2 was defeated.  In fact, Ohio created almost as many jobs in Strickland’s …

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PolitiFact Says State Rep. Armond Budish’s (D) claim that Kasich’s budget is the second largest, two-year spending increase in Ohio history is “Mostly True”

The irony behind Gov. John Kasich’s $55.6 billion two-year budget proposal is that a Republican leader who subscribes to the politics of limiting government spending is actually proposing to tap the state’s checkbook for a lot more cash than his Democratic predecessor ever did.

That’s a fact not lost on state Rep. Armond Budish, a Beachwood Democrat, who grabbed a pen and paper last month to rail against The Columbus Dispatch’s endorsement of the governor’s proposal.

“Despite the dramatic cuts targeted at schools and local communities, Kasich’s …

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