Ed FitzGerald: Legalize medical marijuana in Ohio
Ed FitzGerald: Legalize medical marijuana in Ohio
ProWayne Forum: Dedicated to providing a forum for the education, enrichment, and enlightenment of the citizens of Wayne County
ProWayne Forum
10 Million Private Sector Jobs in Last 54 Months
Private Sector Jobs
Ohio Voters' Bill of Rights
Ohio Voters’ Bill of Rights
Sherrod Brown meets with Wayne County activists at El Rancho Grande and talks about the farm bill and the new healthcare law implementation.
Sherrod Brown at El Rancho Grande
Republicans always seem to be on the wrong side of history.
Republicans: Wrong Side of History
President Obama wins second term.
President Obama Wins Second Term
This barn can be found on 9580 Emerson Road in Apple Creek, Wayne County, Ohio.
Obama Barn

The Democratic Inquiry

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"Our Mom"

“Our Mom” features Pillich’s children—Kayla and Tallin—sharing their mom’s background and qualifications as a former captain in the Air Force with an MBA and experience working across the aisle to get things done.

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Yard Signs Available
Yard Signs Available
October 13, 2014